With the arrival of spring, nature in Valais awakens from its winter sleep.

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The Valais mountains are shedding their snowy blankets, revealing the blossoming beauty of nature in all its colours. Winter will soon be a distant memory. Make the most of this relaxing environment and set off to explore Valais. Scenic walks along the water’s edge, hidden gems in Valais, and unique wine experiences await you. You can also get to know Franziska Schmid and Philippe Meuwly, two individuals who have turned their passion for nature into a career.

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Stroll along historic bisse irrigation canals.

Stroll along historic bisse irrigation canals.

In Valais, open trenches direct water from streams to numerous fields, vineyards and orchards. Some of these historic irrigation channels, known as bisses, are still in use today. Hiking trails running alongside them offer magnificent scenic walks along the waterside. With the arrival of spring, these hikes are the ideal opportunity to admire the surrounding nature coming to life. Explore Valais’s curiosities with our selection of the most unique bisses.

A hiking trail in Bisses during the summer, Valais, Switzerland

Get inspired for your next visit to Valais with these 16 unmissable destinations and activities.

Get inspired for your next visit to Valais with these 16 unmissable destinations and activities.

Looking to discover hidden gems in Valais? We have compiled a list of 16 unmissable experiences, guaranteed to make your stay in the heart of the Valais mountains unforgettable. From sports activities to culinary experiences, discover all of Valais’s secrets. Walk on the Aletsch Glacier, the largest in the Alps, or combine food and sport with a culinary tour of the Les Celliers de Sion vineyards on an electric bike – both activities promise to make your getaway a success.

Great Aletsch Glacier, must-see sights in Valais, Valais, Switzerland

Make the most of spring and discover wine tourism in Valais.

Make the most of spring and discover wine tourism in Valais.

Thanks to a dry, sunny climate, almost 5,000 hectares of vineyards, 55 grape varieties and 3,000km of dry stone walls, Valais is Switzerland’s largest winemaking region. As the temperatures rise and nature wakes up, it’s the ideal time to (re)discover the vineyards of Valais and sample some exceptional grape varieties. Awaken your senses with these ten unique wine experiences.

vineyard Sion, Valais, Switzerland

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    Valais asparagus is back.

    The arrival of spring marks the start of the asparagus season. Head over to our website to treat yourself to some tasty recipes.

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Meet two passionate and fascinating individuals from Valais and let yourself be inspired by their passion for Valais nature and all of its secrets

Franziska Schmid

First name: Franziska

Surname: Schmid

Activity: Farmer and trainee physiotherapist

Note: The conditions in Valais are hot and dry! To ensure a sufficient water supply for their meadows and animals, farmers engineered a spectacular network of irrigation channels. These channels transport the precious liquid from the mountains down to the villages, where it is then distributed by traditional irrigation methods. Organic farmer Franziska Schmid has mastered these ancestral skills and makes sure this precious cultural heritage endures.

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Philippe Meuwly

First name: Philippe

Surname: Meuwly

Activity: Doctor of biology and founder of Pharmalp

Note: The aim of Pharmalp is to offer health-conscious people natural and innovative solutions for preventing and treating illnesses. One of their flagship products is the Pastille des Alpes, which contains edelweiss to combat bronchitis and sore throats; lemon thyme, aronia and elderflower for their antiviral properties; zinc to strengthen the immune system; and acacia juice to reduce irritation of the mucous membrane.

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Valais in figures

300 days of sunshine a year
45 four-thousand-metre peaks
8,000 kilometres of hiking trails
40,000 hectares of nature parks
100 functioning bisses
Almost 5,000 hectares of vineyards
55 grape varieties
3,000 kilometres of dry stone walls
15% of Switzerland’s asparagus comes from Valais