Valais. A natural paradise at the heart of the Alps.

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Valais is an open, creative and dynamic region that loves to innovate and which takes pride in blending tradition and modernity. Did you know that more than 3,000 kilometres of dry-stone walls, centuries old, trace the contours of the Rhône valley? Or that Valais grows 15% of the Swiss asparagus harvest? Our Valais has innumerable intriguing facets along with countless people with an infectious enthusiasm for their region. Meet two local people who have a particular fascination for water.

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Innovation: Valais focuses on the future

Innovation: Valais focuses on the future.

Well-known for its appeal as a holiday destination, Valais is also an outstanding place to live and work. This is Switzerland’s leading region for research into and production of aluminium, Switzerland’s no. 2 canton for life sciences, and also the source of 28% of the country’s hydroelectric power: Valais offers fertile terrain for success in industry and technology, with excellent opportunities for study, work and investment. These Recto Verso video clips introduce you to some of the innovative ideas and fabulous projects that contribute to Valais’ confidence in the future.

Viège in the night, Valais

Tradition: Valais and its heritage

Tradition: Valais and its heritage.

Valais boasts an exceptionally rich, diverse and fascinating heritage. Discover the art of dry-stone walling, for example, as you explore scenic trails through the vineyards. Enjoy a hike along paths that follow the historical irrigation channels known as “bisses”, or visit some of the well-preserved castles, fortified towns and fortresses that bear witness to the strategic importance of Valais and its key economic role over the centuries. Start exploring the culture of Valais now: you’ll be amazed and inspired!

Sion Wineyard near the Tourbillon castle, Valais, Switzerland

Gastronomy: it’s asparagus season!

Gastronomy: it’s asparagus season!

Did you know that asparagus has long been considered a luxury vegetable and was highly prized by the Court of France? Spring would not be complete without this Valais speciality, which grows best in the sandy soil between Martigny, Fully and Saxon, and is available in green, white and purple varieties. The sales period corresponds with the harvest and extends from early April to mid-June.

asparagus on a plate

Did you know?

Our tips

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    Make your career in Valais

    Finding a good balance between personal and professional life has become even more important since the appearance of COVID-19. In Valais, the proximity of nature and leisure facilities, the tranquillity and the good quality of life are appreciated by all. Discover some of the employers in Valais who offer particularly attractive working conditions and career prospects.

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  • Tip 2

    Waterside walks

    In Valais, more than 100 “bisses” are still in use today and so are carefully maintained. Scenic footpaths follow these historical irrigation channels, offering a wide variety of idyllic walks. These little-known gems are among the most beautiful ways to explore Valais.

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  • Tip 3

    Enjoy tasty fresh asparagus in a variety of ways

    While your white asparagus tart is baking in the oven, how about enjoying some green asparagus with Valais cured ham IGP as a starter? Treat yourself to this seasonal meal, 100% from Valais, with a glass of white Johannisberg or Heïda wine. Bon appétit and cheers!

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Meet two local people whose work has a special focus on water.

Monica Duran

Date of birth: 8.10.1979

From: Leuk

Activity: Farmer

Note: Her farmland is located in a protected agricultural zone and must be irrigated entirely with water from the “bisses”, according to a unique and ancient procedure.  

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Jérôme Jacquod

Date of birth: 30.11.1968

From: Bramois/Sion

Activity: Qualified hydrogeologist and geologist

Note: The Grande Dixence dam alone produces enough electricity to supply 500,000 households – about 1.5 million residents in all.

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Valais in figures

300 days of sunshine a year
45 summits more than 4,000 metres high
3,000 km of dry-stone walls
15% of Swiss asparagus production is harvested in Valais
100 “bisses” still in operation
28% of Swiss hydropower comes from Valais
Largest research and production site for the aluminium industry, centred in Sierre
Second-largest centre for biosciences in the country
1 in every 2 Swiss francs is earned through exports