Wine times 3

Time for a stroll among the vines, for aperitifs in the carnotzet or for a meal in our wine cellar – come and let time slip by unnoticed as you enjoy a wine-tasting experience to awaken your senses at the Cave du Tambourin in Corin. Ismael Bonvin offers three different ways to experience wine tourism in Valais. In a rural setting amidst the vines while sipping on a glass or two of fine Valais wine. In the authentic and rustic ambience of a traditional carnotzet while tasting vintages and specialities from the region. Or in the modern, friendly interior of the wine cellar, made of wood, glass and stone. Whichever you choose, you will feel as if time has stopped...

Cave Le Tambourin in Corin, wine tasting in Valais, Switzerland