Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. Where can I obtain a Valais SkiCard?

It is on sale by member ski lift companies and at the Grand St. Bernard motorway services in Martigny. You can also buy the card by Thermalp in Ovronnaz.

2. How long is the Valais SkiCard valid ?

The points bought are valid 2 years. It is however possible to extend the validity of these points by recharging a minimum of CHF 100. This must be done before the end of the 2 year period otherwise the points will be lost.

3. How can we find out how much remains on our Valais SkiCard ?

The balance of points remaining can be found on the Valais/Wallis Promotion internet site under the heading “Check your account”. All you have to do is enter the Key Card number that is found on the back of your card (e.g. 30-16147256250398108812-9 without any spaces but with hyphens) or by opening a user account. The balance of points is also displayed on the ticket control barriers in the resorts visited.

With a new card you will have to wait 5 to 7 days before being able to verify the balance. Following a recharge the balance can be consulted after the first passage through a control barrier.

4. Where can I recharge my Valais SkiCard ?

At the ticket counter of member ski lift companies and at the Grand St. Bernard motorway services in Martigny. The card can also be recharged at Thermalp in Ovronnaz. It is not possible to recharge your card online.

5. Where can I get help concerning technical problems when using the Valais SkiCard or in case of a complaint ?  

Via the Hotline Valais SkiCard: hotline@bestofsnow.ch / Tel: 0800 444 321. 

6. How are the points debited from the Valais SkiCard ?

As the client’s profile is recorded on the Valais SkiCard (age and price category), the exact amount of the transaction is automatically debited from the card each time it is presented at a ticket control barrier (the number of points corresponds to the time of day the card is presented: remember, half-days are only possible in the afternoon). Family and/or local discounts as well as certain special tariffs cannot be applied.

7. What should I do if I lose my Valais SkiCard ?

Any client who loses their card or has it stolen can obtain a new one as long as they can prove it by presenting the receipt and on condition that the theft or loss has been officially reported during the validity of the card. There is a charge of CHF 30.-- per case for treating the client’s dossier which means that the new card will be credited with the remaining points minus 30. You must allow 3 days for treating the dossier and blocking the lost or stolen card. For organisational purposes it is preferable for the client to return to the ski lift that issued the Valais SkiCard.

8. What should I do if my Valais SkiCard is faulty?

Any client whose card is faulty can obtain a new one with the balance of the remaining points on condition that the fault has been officially reported during the validity of the card and that the client brings the faulty card with him.

9. What can I do if my Valais SkiCard has expired?

If you have not recharged your card before the 2 year expiry date the card is no longer valid. In this case you should contact one of the ski lift companies or the Valais SkiCard Hotline hotline@bestofsnow.ch / Tel: 0800 444 321 in order to find a solution.

10. Under what circumstances can the Valais SkiCard be extended ?

Extending the card for 2 years without penalty or recharging is only authorised in cases of illness or accidents that last longer than 3 months. The customer must present a medical certificate.

11. Under what circumstances could a client’s Valais SkiCard be reimbursed ?

The reimbursement of a Valais SkiCard can only be authorised in case of:

- Illness or accident that lasts longer than a year (upon presentation of a medical certificate), or death.
- If the remaining points are used to obtain another pass in the resort by the same person. A deduction of 10% of the points will be calculated by the cashier to determine the amount to be refunded.