Soothing treatments with Valais products.

Time to relax, recuperate and heal – time for a stay in Valais. Apricots, honey and grapes are Valais products that are not only staples in the kitchen, but are also working wonders in cosmetics, healing products and toiletries. We have compiled a selection of traditional and effective applications and examples of where these products are available to enjoy.

Herbs, flowers and plants

Did you know that sixty percent of Switzerland’s herbs and medicinal plants are grown in Valais? The sun-drenched region of Valais with its mountain meadows and slopes offers optimal conditions for growing a variety of herbs and plants, such as sage, thyme, hay flowers and arnica – which are nurtured, processed and put to use. A number of hotels, wellness centres and spas pamper their guests using a wide variety of products. Tradition Julen in Zermatt, for example, offers herbal treatments using original Zermatt alpine hay. The hay alleviates pain and cold symptoms and strengthens the immune system – making it the ideal winter treatment. The Walliserhof Grand-Hotel & Spa in Saas-Fee uses mountain herbs for homemade peels and body packs, while the Ovronnaz thermal baths draw on the power of flowers in the form of oils for invigorating massages.

The benefits of honey

The bright mountain meadows of Valais are also home to bees, which work diligently to turn pollen and nectar into delicious honey. Valais brand honey is not only delicious on Valais rye bread, but also does wonders for the skin. It detoxifies, cleanses and nourishes – for example, in the form of a body wrap, as offered by Hôtel Nendaz 4 Vallées & Spa. In the Alpine Hideaway Spa in Hotel Le Mirabeau in Zermatt, Valais honey products produced by Apinatura from Naters form part of the treatments on offer.

Grape seed oil treatments

Here, sustainability meets top quality. Bäckerei Tea-Room Mathieu in Susten has set up its own special company for processing grape seeds that would otherwise be thrown away. Known as “Fructum Vitis”, the company produces a variety of grape seed products. While Valais grape seed flour is used in the manufacture of baked goods, Valais grape seed cream, ointment and oil have also found applications in cosmetics and health care. All products feature the Valais brand label. Grape seeds are true gems. They contain high-quality polyphenols and antioxidants, which keep the skin young, are rich in vitamins A, C and E, have a beneficial effect on the organs, and have antibacterial and antiallergenic properties. Experience the benefits of vinotherapy, for example in the form of a revitalising grape seed oil massage at the Brigerbad thermal baths. The Grand Hôtel Bella Tola in St-Luc offers a wide range of treatments, including facial massages.

Natural care with apricots and strawberries

Tasty on the palate, nourishing for the skin. Valais apricots and strawberries have an impressive variety of uses. In the kitchen, the fruits can be used to create a variety of different flavours, be it in jams, on cakes or in liquid forms such as syrups, liquors or vinegars. In addition to these tasty treats, the fruits also contain effective active substances. Rich in vitamin A and linolenic acid, the apricot stone is suitable for producing regenerating, nourishing oil. It moisturises the skin, making it soft and taut and reducing wrinkles. Thanks to their calcium, iron and magnesium content, strawberries are a miracle food for healthy skin. Their yellow and green dots are tiny nuts that can be used to naturally cleanse the skin and open pores. You can enjoy all these uses and more at Le Bristol Hotel & Spa in Leukerbad, where guests are pampered with Valais organic strawberry peels and Valais apricot oil massages. The Valais beauty care products at Spa & Wellness Anzère are also fruity, soothing and moisturising.

Rituals with Swiss pine and silver fir

Almost a quarter of Valais is covered by forest. Every type of tree has different properties and purposes. Wood from arolla pine, also known as Swiss pine, and wood from silver fir have been known for their health-promoting properties for centuries. Swiss pine wood lowers the heart rate, nurtures and invigorates the body, stabilises circulation, produces antibacterial effects and helps with sleep disorders, while the silver fir strengthens the immune system and alleviates cold symptoms. People have been using the powers of nature for therapies and health treatments since the year dot. The Onya Resort & Spa in Bellwald uses Valais Swiss pine wood in massages alongside homemade oils from Swiss pine arnica or Swiss pine honey. This type of treatment improves blood flow, relaxes the muscles and speeds up energy flow. At the Spa 2222m in the Riffelalp Resort in Zermatt, meanwhile, guests can enjoy Swiss pine foot baths or silver fir peels.

The power of hot stones

Hot stones have been laid on the body for healing purposes for over 2,000 years. The method, which originated in China, brings body, soul and mind into harmony, alleviates pain, relaxes the muscles and removes blockages. For warming massages, volcano and lava stones are traditionally used. At the Saillon thermal baths, stones are used from the local marble quarry. And the Salina Maris wellness centre in Breiten pampers its guests with energising stones, primarily sourced from the Matterhorn.