The Valais brand

Whether it is products, businesses, values or the land, the Valais brand stands for all that is best about our region. The brand, which is used across many sectors, highlights local produce as well as cutting-edge industrial products. More than a simple sign of recognition, the brand certifies the origin of the products from Valais.

Certified products

The Valais brand guarantees that what the customer buys is indeed made in Valais. All products bearing the Valais brand meet a set of strictly-defined requirements and have been made by businesses which are mindful of the environment and social ethics. Certified products thus contribute to highlighting the many facets of Valais, the hallmark of exceptional diversity and a force for innovation. These innovative products, designed and developed in Valais, have put the canton and its remarkable expertise firmly on the map as a location that is geared towards excellence and quality. 

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Did you know?

The smallest coffee machine in the world was produced in Valais. KISS is the fruit of Sionbased Gotec’s skill and expertise. In 2015, this technological gem became the first industrial product to be certified with the Valais brand and it continues to shine a light on innovation in Valais today.