Information and communication technologies (ICT)

With a top-tier university of applied sciences and one of the best technology sites in Switzerland for studying information and communication sciences, Valais has a strong collaborative network of students, researchers, developers and entrepreneurs. IT and software solutions are developed here and then exported outside the canton. Is the Rhone valley the new Silicon Valley of Switzerland?

The internet of things

Misurio specialises in optimisations within the energy sector. Misurio has developed and sold many software solutions, as well as smart controls in the fields of planning and operations. Its latest product is the “EnergyOn” platform, a cloudbased solution for large-scale use of the “Internet of things”.

Energy suppliers, building technology specialists and the SBB (Swiss Federal Railways) all use Misurio systems.

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Data Centre

Krios, an information technology specialist, provides 100% Swiss (in terms of data and servers) IT data centre solutions (Swiss Cloud Provider), where security, adaptability and performance are key requirements. By using cloud IT services (virtual offices, IP phones, internet etc.), clients can update and simplify their IT systems, manage and decrease their costs while improving their productivity.

Since 2004, Krios has been investing in the development of its private Cloud and assisting businesses who want to move towards this model.

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IT Solutions

Groupe T2i is a software developer and service provider rising to the challenge of digitising businesses by offering solid and pragmatic IT solutions in the following fields: paperless offices, HR management, public administration and even computer infrastructure storage. Benefiting from 30 years of experience, Groupe T2i has a workforce of around 200.

The Groupe T2i also has an overseas presence, most notably in France and Canada.

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Biometric solutions

KeyLemon is developing and commercialising biometric solutions based on facial and speech recognition. The KeyLemon solution is used mainly in smartphones for preventing access to sensitive personal data, such as online banking details, payments, transactions and other services. KeyLemon solutions are already used in around 3 million user devices.

KeyLemon designed the integrated voice-recognition technology for Swisscom’s TV-Box 2.0.

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Did you know?

TechnoArk in Sierre was the first centre in Switzerland to specialise in information technology.