Melting pot of culture

Fortresses and castles stand majestically enthroned atop mighty rocky outcrops. Museums, exhibitions and galleries look back at life in the past and works of art in the present. They extend an invitation to marvel and reflect. Guests are surprised at the innumerable historical and cultural highlights that Valais has to offer. Unique local customs and traditions going back hundreds of years are still alive and well in many villages and valleys. A Valais without these utterly typical traditions in unconceivable.

Cultural stop – Saint-Pierre-de-Clages

The Romanesque church is the jewel in the crown of this picturesque village. It is also Switzerland’s “Book Village”.

Adventure Trail – Reckingen-Gluringen

This adventure trail appeals to the senses with themes that are embedded in our landscape.

Culture Trail – Münster-Geschinen

Houses, farm buildings and religious sites are presented in some detail, with information plaques on all the buildings.

The legendary St. Bernard dogs – Great Saint Bernard

Come and meet the legendary St. Bernard dogs and visit the hospice, its treasure chamber and museum.

Discovery of the Museum of Bisses – Ayent

Find out about the history and origin of the bisses at this museum housed in a typical building.

In the footsteps of Stockalper – Brig-Glis

A touch of world history can be found in the Brig-Glis region. Visit the historic Stockalper Castle.

Tours of the villages – Val d’Hérens

Take guided tours of typical villages with their sun-darkened wooden chalets, a reminder of a bygone era.

A well-kept treasure – St-Maurice

St. Maurice’s Abbey is the oldest Christian monastery in the West. The treasure is now showcased in a new museum.

The famous Gianadda - Martigny

A Gallo-Roman museum, displaying sculptures and exhibitions, the Gianadda Foundation is a temple of art and culture.

A world-famous dog – Martigny

At the St. Bernard Dog Museum, discover the story of the Hospice and Pass and take time to pet a dog.