The Swiss Pavilion

The Swiss Pavilion “Confooderatio Helvetica”

“If many take too much, there is too little left for the rest.” Switzerland is using an edible pavilion designed by Netwerch, a Brugg-based architect’s office, to present itself in Milan, inviting visitors to think about their consumer behaviour in terms of personal responsibility, collective solidarity and sustainability. The Swiss Pavilion covers an area of 4,432sqm containing a large, open platform with four towers filled with food that are visible from a long way off. Lifts take visitors up the towers, where they are welcome to enjoy the food on offer. As the towers gradually empty, the platforms inside the towers are lowered, causing the structure of the Swiss Pavilion to change over time.

House of Switzerland with food and exhibition areas

The Swiss Pavilion also hosts the House of Switzerland featuring the exhibition area of the Gotthard partner cantons, the Nestlé exhibition, a restaurant, a take-away, an information desk about Swiss farming, the VIP lounge and the auditorium where events and conferences will be held. The exhibitions by the partner cities of Basel, Geneva and Zurich are located on the ground floor of the towers. There is also a shop, an NRLA exhibition and an installation by Switzerland Tourism. The stage will host numerous events and cultural displays.

Timed tickets for the towers in the Swiss Pavilion

A timed ticked is required for the towers in the Swiss Pavilion, showing the time when the towers can be entered. Access is restricted for technical and security reasons. The tickets are free and can be booked no more than one month in advance using print@home on the website (online from April 2015) or on the same day at the information desk in the Swiss Pavilion (limited availability).
PLEASE NOTE: The towers must be included when booking a tour of the Swiss Pavilion.

Key data of Expo Milano 2015

  • Duration: 1 May to 31 October 2015
  • Venue: Milano Rho, on the A8 motorway Milano–Como/Varese; EC trains from Valais stop at the Rho Fiera station, right by the Expo
  • Theme: “Nutrire il pianeta, Energia per la Vita” (Feeding the planet, energy for life)
  • Opening hours expo site: for visitors 0900 - 2345 hrs
  • Opening hours Swiss Pavilion: Towers, exhibitions (latest admission) 1000 - 2100 hrs
  • Opening hours Swiss Pavilion: Stage, take-away, restaurant, shops 1000 - 2300 hrs
  • Participation: 144 countries registered and three international organisations
  • Expected visitor numbers: 20 million, 75% from Italy, 25% from abroad, of whom approx. 600,000 from Switzerland
  • Area of Swiss pavilion: 4000m2
  • Exhibition space of Gotthard cantons: 150m2