Summer Weekend in Valais

Are you a fan of summer and nature? Do you enjoy discovering Valais landscapes on foot or by bike? Are you active on social media and like to share your experiences with the public? Convince us and we will take you and your companion on an unforgettable road trip-style adventure. The journey takes you from Sion to the historic Pays du St. Bernard and finally to the idyllic Lötschental.


This is what awaits you and your companion.

Four unique days on varied trails, magical walks through unique landscapes, excursions to sun-drenched vantage points, fun moments in cosy mountain huts and culinary highlights in excellent restaurants. Sounds dreamlike, doesn't it? But the best is yet to come. In this competition, you and your companion will also take our entire Instagram community with you on your trip.

Included in the prize:

A long weekend for two people with an electric car through the regions of Sion, Pays du St. Bernard and Lötschental from 30 August to 3 September 2023.

- Four nights in a double room 
- Meals from Wednesday evening to Sunday noon
- Variety of summer activities - depending on the destination
- Various services on site (bike rental, mountain railway passes, etc.)
- Valais kit with various goodies 
- Memories that will remain engraved in your heart forever

How to enter the competition

Convince us with a genuine and creative video that you have Valais engraved on your heart, along with your enthusiasm and passion for summer sports, motivation, creativity and affinity for social media. There are no limits to what you can do. Funny, crazy, short, long, animated, completely natural, alone or in pairs – surprise us! We look forward to your entry!

The deadline for entries is 11 august 2023 and we will announce the winners mid-August.

Conditions of participation

Conditions of participation.

- You are available on the dates listed.
- You have a vehicle licence that is valid (in Switzerland) and are experienced at driving – ideally with electric cars.
- You are fluent in written and spoken German, French or English.
- You are active on social media and have a public Instagram profile.
- You have a high affinity for social media and enjoy taking and posting photos and videos.
- You are willing to post on your personal social media channels as well as those of Valais/Wallis Promotion during your stay and share your experience with the community.
- You are sporty and enjoy being in Nature. Longer stretches are no problem for you, as you are either already a biking enthusiast or keen to discover the biking paradise offered in Valais.
- You have your own hiking equipment and take it with you.
- You are prepared to share a double room with your companion.