Cultural Programme October

Monday, 12.10.2015


Regula Ritler
Regula Ritler took up yodelling at the age of 11 and now runs her own yodelling school. Her repertoire consists of traditional Valais and Swiss yodelling songs. She will be performing solo in Milan. 


With two singer-songwriters on board – Daniel Blatter and Will Jungo – this pop group creates a soundtrack to our lives and to the future: poetic, humorous, critical, visionary, soulful, moving, and sung in Swiss dialect. A musical and literary treat from Upper Valais. 


Erika Stucky
Fearless, apocalyptic, suicidal yodelling, anarchic yelping, Dylanesque nasal tones – there are many sides to Erika Stucky. With voice, mini-accordion and video projection, she wraps us around her fingers in no time. 


Tuesday, 13.10.2015


Ephraim Salzmann
This musician from Naters has been fascinated by percussion instruments since childhood. He has gradually developed his own form of musical expression on a variety of percussion instruments from all over the world such as drum set, cajon, djembe, congas, hammered dulcimer, didgeridoo, xylophone and glass udu drums to name just a few.   


Laurence Revey
True to her musical roots, vocalising and rhythms take pride of place when Laurence Revey puts on a show. Timeless Alpine songs, tribal pop, electro-acapella and never-ending depth. Organic and intimate, her unique voice is both daringly modern yet somehow timeless.    


Wednesday, 14.10.2015


Swiss Miss
Vocal music has never sounded so fresh or sassy! Eliane Amherd (voc, guit), Iris Moné (voc, perc, flute), Sandra Merk (bass) play folk music from all over Switzerland, sung in every dialect, in surprising arrangements infused with rhythm. Swiss Miss will make you yearn for home while also inspiring wanderlust.    


The band’s five members like to put their diverse talents to the test in a theatrical setting now and again.  They are dedicated to the French art of chanson, which they explore to the full.    


Thursday, 15.10.2015


The ensemble “apartig” carries audiences away with its melancholy, dreamy and pulsating rhythms. Yodelling and fast finger work, traditional and new, near and far go hand in hand. 


Anach Cuan
Valais group Anach Cuan makes music bursting with energy – a fusion of modern and Celtic sounds. Alive and kicking, they dance, stomp and play until they set the whole place shaking. No wonder, these guys love what they do down to the very roots of their soul.   


Friday, 16.10.2015


Mary Zoo
The valaisian folk singer Christine Zufferey will be performing on acoustic and twelve-string guitar together with Emilie Cavallo and her cello. Her voice has a dusky and clear quality with depth, moving from shades of electronica to melancholy to warmth.     


Cliché? Their music is anything but. They remix familiar tunes to create a fresh club sound ranging from house to exuberant electro-swing to more experimental sounds.