Second stop: Rome

On 25 September 2014 in Rome, the interest of the “Giro del Gusto” was focused on Valais. At the splendid Villa Maraini, home to the Swiss Institute in Rome, some 50 journalists and travel specialists plus invited guests were given the opportunity to explore Valais region and its culinary, touristic, industrial and cultural variety. Additionally, Damian Constantin, Director of Valais/Wallis Promotion, was able to position the Valais brand as a “best-case” in territorial marketing at the round table conference on the topic of “Made in… Svizzera; Made in… Italia”. A Valais Evening in the garden of Villa Maraini – rounded off with familiar Valais products – was a perfect culmination for an event that sought to celebrate exchange and coexistence.

Workshop Giro del Gusto in Rome
Presence Switzerland at Giro del Gusto in Rome (25th September 2014)