Current situation in Valais

Page updated on 31.05.2021. 

Travelling into Switzerland

Depending on the type of travel, you might have to fill out an entry form, show proof of a negative test and/or go into quarantine. 

Further information and a list of countries with a high risk of infection are available on the website of the Federal Office of Public Health (FOPH).

Public eating and drinking establishments (cafés, restaurants, tea rooms, pubs, wine bars, etc.)

• Public eating and drinking establishments are open (terraces and interiors) according to their usual opening hours. 
• Customers must eat and drink seated. Masks must be worn when moving around.  
• A maximum of four people is allowed per table indoors and six per table outdoors. Each person’s contact details must be recorded.  

Night clubs, dance halls and other comparable or similar places remain completely closed.  

Take advantage of the opportunity to try Valais specialities at one of the “Saveurs du Valais” (Flavours of Valais) restaurants or to enjoy a delicious brunch in the sunshine.

Leisure and culture venues

• Publicly accessible leisure and recreation facilities are open. Masks must be worn.  
• Spa facilities and wellness centres are also fully open for activities that do not require wearing a mask.
• However, water parks are not yet permitted to reopen their indoor areas.

Steam trains, labyrinth adventures, summer toboggan rides: discover a wide choice of activities to enjoy with friends or family. After an enjoyable outing, take the opportunity to relax in the blissfully warm water of one of the five thermal spas in Valais.  


It is compulsory to wear a mask: 

• In all enclosed places accessible to the public, apart from a few exceptions, and also in outdoor spaces such as terraces of restaurants and bars, shop forecourts, markets. 
• In cars carrying two or more people. 
• In very busy pedestrian areas and wherever the concentration of people does not allow individuals to maintain the required distance between each other. 
• On all public transport in Switzerland, at stations (including on platforms and in underpasses), at airports, bus and tram stops, on all lifts in ski areas (including T-bars, button lifts and other drag lifts), and in all queues and places where people gather. (counters, bus stops, etc.)
• Children up to the age of 12 are exempt from having to wear a mask. 


• Private events organized within the family circle and between friends (in places that are not accessible to the public, for example at home) are limited to 30 people indoors and 50 people outdoors. 
• The maximum number of people includes children. 
• There are no longer any restrictions on spontaneous gatherings outdoors. 


By following certain restrictions, it is once again possible to organise public events.  

•  The maximum number of visitors is limited to 300 people at outdoor venues (such as at football matches or open-air concerts) and 100 people indoors (such as at cinemas, theatres and concert halls).  
•  At the same time, attendance must be limited to half of the venue’s capacity.  
•  Visitors must be seated and wear a mask at all times.  
•  A distance of at least 1.5 metres must be maintained between visitors at all times, or a seat left free between them.  
• Food and drink may not be consumed. 

Other events involving up to 50 people are once again permitted, in addition to the private gatherings and sporting and cultural activities already allowed. These include guided tours at museums, club gatherings or other leisure and recreational events. Mask-wearing and social distancing rules still apply.  

Sports, music, theatre, gastronomy: see all our top events to help you plan your summer in Valais. 

Protection measures

Covid-19 : Specific protection measures

Tourist service providers are putting in place specific measures to protect their guests and offer them a pleasant stay in Valais. These cover a variety of sectors including accommodation, restaurants, spas & wellness facilities, meeting venues, public transport (trains, buses and boats) and mountain rides (cable cars, funiculars, chairlifts, etc.). 

Let's respect the safety measures together to enjoy this winter to the full.