Valais/Wallis Promotion

A new vision for the Valais.

Combining our strengths to create a stronger Valais, built around two central pillars: cross-sector cooperation and reinforcement of our brand image. Such is the key idea driving the activities of Valais/Wallis Promotion (VWP). Uniting four initially distinct sectors involved in varying types of promotional activities – Chambre valaisanne de commerce et d’industrie (CVCI – Valais Chamber of Commerce and Industry), Chambre valaisanne d’agriculture (CVA – Valais Chamber of Agriculture), Valais Tourisme (Valais Tourism) and the Association Marque Valais (Valais Brand Association) – the Valais has now set up a single, unified company designed to promote all its activities and the wealth of its multiple facets. The value of a structure such as this is to pool strengths and skills in order to build a new vision of Valais as perceptibly strong and innovative!

Our mandate

  • Generate significant added value for the Valais economy through our promotional activities.
  • Develop awareness of the Valais brand and promote a positive Image of the canton.
  • Create and manage a marketing and information centre for the Valais economy.
  • Conceptualise an attractive, cross-sector product and service offer that is focused on market needs, with the aim of creating added value across the entire service chain.
  • Enhance and promote the marketing of the Valais’ qualitative offer, together with our partners.
  • Foster the quality of services offered in the Valais through the Valais brand and Valais excellence.
  • Increase business opportunities for the Valais.


VWP is an independent, innovative and efficient promotion company that is geared to the needs and expectations of its partners and clients. Its cross-sector marketing positions Valais as a benchmark brand in the national and international market environment and generates added value for the Valais economy.



Our organisation positions itself as a competence centre in the realm of communication and promotional activities, mainly for the tourism, agriculture, industry and business sectors. Through entrepreneurial management, we achieve solid, sustainable added value for the Valais. We set ourselves clear aims and regularly measure our results through a professional controlling instrument.


4 key strategic pillars

Brand image Strengthen the image and awareness of the Valais brand
Markets, offers and products Develop significant experiences for the markets with real added value for and with our partners.
Skills and organisation Professionalise the organisation and skills.
Finances Establish an efficient controlling system and revenue management.