Values of the Valais brand

A brand that distinguishes the very best Valais has to offer!

The Valais brand is a mark of recognition of the origin and quality of products which are emblematic of the Canton of Valais. The Valais brand is a cross-sectorial collective brand, the main purpose of which is to contribute to the promotion of all that Valais has to offer consumers and guests. With the Valais brand, the consumer must have the certainty that they are purchasing a quality product which, in addition, comes from an enterprise that is conscious of the values inherent in its production methods together with respect for environmental and social norms.

Core values :

  • Quality (quality of products and services...)
  • Friendliness (generosity, exchange and hospitable nature of Valais people)
  • Active engagement (activity, initiative, dynamic, energy, strength, vitality, life)  
  • Wellbeing (quality lifestyle, joy, hedonism, balance)


To have the right of bearing the brand mark, synonymous as emblem of quality, products are subject to a careful selection process. 

The criteria attributed to this brand are:

  • Products must originate from the Valais,
  • Adherence to the specifications and the commitment of the enterprise through the signature of a charter,
  • Respect for the values of the brand and the principles of sustainable development.


This procedure is monitored and validated by an independent agency.

Contact Valais Brand

Valais/Wallis Promotion
Robin Zambaz, Brand Manager
+41 27 327 35 25