Natural mineral water from Valais

Valais water

Water right from the heart of the Alps

At the source of Montis – which is used exclusively for Valais mineral water – the water passes through various rock formations over a period of almost 10 years. During this time it is enriched with minerals and trace elements all of which are vital to our bodies. Owing to its natural purity, Valais mineral water does not undergo any further treatment before bottling and is of an incredibly high standard in terms of quality and microbiology.

An exquisite source

An extraordinary mineralisation process that produces outstanding water

Valais mineral water obtains its remarkable natural richness from a long journey underground where water purity is higher. It is purified naturally by rocks and enriched with calcium, magnesium, potassium and trace elements that are vital to our bodies. Its low degree of mineralisation and balanced pH level produce the unique taste of Valais water, making it the ideal mineral water to accompany meals, to quench your thirst while hiking in the mountains or to simply enjoy every day.

Excellence in a bottle

An exceptional bottle of water to add a touch of refinement to your table.

Outstandingly high quality and supreme purity, Valais water is quite exquisite. With a design created like a work of art, it is a remarkable product for enjoying special moments while appreciating the pleasure of dining. This exclusive, limited-edition bottle has an elegant and refined look, highlighting the quality of the product and true expertise.

2018 edition

The design of the 2018 edition was produced in cooperation with the Valais University of Art and Design. Léana Zabot, a second-year student, won the competition the theme of which was “return to nature, tranquillity and rejuvenation.”

Discover our range – still or sparkling

  • Our range

    2018 edition in glass bottles, available in 100 cl and 50 cl

    The 2018 special edition was created together with the Valais University of Art and Design by a second-year student who successfully conveyed the theme of return to nature in her design.

  • Our range

    The 50 cl PET bottle

    In a handy size – still or sparkling – this highly symbolic water with a very distinctive flavour combines purity, freshness and balance. It has a long finish. The elegant, carefully crafted design of the PET bottle reflects the water’s origins. The image of the Matterhorn is found inside the bottle of mineral water.

  • Our range

    The 75 cl and 25 cl PET bottle

    Passe-partout dans son mini-format 25 cl, avec bouchon sport ou bouchon normal. Avec une certaine longueur en bouche. Le design épuré et soigné de la bouteille en PET rappelle l’origine de l’eau, avec le Cervin modelé à l’intérieur de la bouteille.

The bottles also come in 1.5l, 1l, 75cl sport and 33cl sizes.