Natural mineral water from Valais

Valais-brand water

A mineral water born in the heart of the Alps

Water from the Source Montis, tapped exclusively for mineral water of the Valais brand, spends nearly 10 years passing through a variety of rock formations. During this time, the water is enriched with minerals and trace elements that are essential for our health. To provide a fitting receptacle for such exceptional purity, the Valais-brand glass bottles are designed as works of art. These fine products enhance every occasion from meals at gourmet restaurants to family get-togethers. Outstanding quality, incomparable purity: Valais-brand water is the perfect accompaniment for every convivial gathering!

Excellence in glass

At the launch of the Valais brand in October 2008, all agreed that mineral water from Valais should feature more prominently at Valais restaurants. At the time, hotels and restaurants imported mineral water from outside the canton, because the high-quality mineral springs in Valais did not use glass bottles – essential in the restaurant and hotel trade. The company Aproz Sources Minérales sold a “Valais” mineral water, but only in PET bottles. A fitting receptable was needed to showcase the purity and quality of this water at all kinds of venues – including top restaurants.

2019 edition

The design of the 2019 edition is inspired by “Cycling and mountain biking”. The imagery follows a cycle route across Valais and shows key features of Valais scenery.

It is the work of Alison Léger, 2nd-year student in graphic design at édhéa (École de design et haute école d’art du Valais).

Limited edition

The Valais brand teamed up with Aproz to tackle the challenge. The bottle was designed by Atelier Grand (Sierre) with the help of Univerre (Sierre). Starting in 2015, a limited-edition bottle has been produced every year. The elegant, uncluttered design stylishly embodies the quality of the product and a unique expertise.

  • 2018 edition

    The 2018 edition of the bottle reflected the theme of “Return to nature, tranquillity and serenity”, represented by the Valais mountains.

  • 2017 edition

    The design of this edition focused on the theme of “gastronomy, regional food products, authenticity”.

  • 2016 edition

    This edition showcased emblematic sports activities of Valais. Golf, cycling, paragliding, snowboarding, tobogganing and skiing were depicted in a stylised edelweiss.

  • 2015 edition

    Celebrating the bicentenary of the accession of Valais to the Swiss Confederation, this first collector’s bottle was decorated with different symbols of the canton.

A unique source

Valais-brand mineral water acquires its natural goodness during a long journey deep in the rock, where the water is considered to be purest. It is purified naturally by the rock and enriched with calcium, magnesium, potassium and trace elements essential to human health. The low mineral content and balanced pH create the unique flavour of Valais water.