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Fruit sorbets

Valais pear and apricot sorbets offer a delicious and refreshing conclusion to any meal. Sprinkled with AOP Valais fruit brandy, these traditional desserts highlight the exceptional flavour of the sweet fruit from sunny Valais. The desserts’Valais brand assures the use of authentic AOP Valais fruit brandies.

Choice of fine flavours Valais

Sorbets Valais brand :
- Apricot sorbet with Abricotine AOP
- Pear sorbet with Valais Williams pear brandy AOP

Fruit sorbets brand Valais

Valais platter

The Valais platter of cured meat and Raclette cheese showcases some of the region’s finest produce. Ideal for sharing, the dish reflects a long tradition of hospitality; the Valais brand guarantees the authenticity of ingredients.

Delicacies for sharing:
- Valais dried meat IGP
- Valais cured ham IGP
- Valais cured bacon IGP
- Raclette du Valais AOP
- Valais rye bread AOP
- Valais cured sausage

Valais platter brand Valais

Dried fruits

A mix of traditional and new fruits are carefully dried so as to release an intense explosion of flavour on the tongue. The production process follows strict rules that guarantee a top-quality product.

Product range:
Dried apples - Dried pears - Dried plums - Dried apricots - Dried tomatoes - Dried quince - Dried berries

Dried fruits brand Valais

Raclette grill

Indispensable for preparing one of the dishes most often associated with the canton, the Raclette grill allows you to savour delicious raclette cheese with a Valais PDO label in a warm and convivial atmosphere. This appliance is the latest addition to the range of products that bear the Valais brand, a mark of recognition of their origin and quality. Innovative products designed, developed and built locally, thanks to the region’s unique expertise.

Raclette grill brand Valais


Watchmaking combines passion and precision in objects that are both emotive and timeless. The expertise of companies based in Valais enables show-stopping timepieces to be created and produced here, then distributed around the globe, conveying an image of the region as dynamic, innovative and inspiring. These high-precision watches now also bear the Valais brand.

Watches brand Valais