Valais "Engraved on my heart"

The Valais is undoubtedly one of Switzerland’s exclusive and unique spots. Anyone who has been to this canton remains hooked forever. Because the Valais sees itself first and foremost as a homeland, as a kind of acute homesickness, as a longing and a love of life, with, most importantly, an awareness of its own originality. The Valais brand represents all of this – just like the tales we tell about it. The Valais is about the unknown, the lifeblood, the quest for perfection. Its natural surroundings are unique and it bubbles over with a zest for living. It is here that most of the 4,000-metre mountains in Switzerland reach for the sky. Nevertheless, the Valais always moves the hearts of both its inhabitants and its visitors. That is exactly what our slogan says: “Engraved on my heart”.

A brand: a cry from the heart

The Valais is introducing a fresh communication line. It stems from the Valais’ brand’s special position as the “ancestral lands of the Alps” – while now taking on an amplified, highly personal dimension. In the Valais, paradoxes unite in a truly singular manner to subdue, fascinate and exalt both visitors and places, while avoiding any clichés. The Valais knows how to create an intense impression, undoubtedly more so than any other canton – through its natural backdrop, its breath-taking scenery, its way of life, its creative energy, its vibrant traditions and its specialities. These abundant attractions endow the Valais with its considerable range of assets as well as its ability to touch people’s hearts – and to do so way beyond national borders.

L'été, intensément! - Valais. Engraved on my heart. TV Spot