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Saas-Fee Filmfest

The Saas-Fee Filmfest shows films from Switzerland and its neighbouring countries, where the languages of Switzerland are spoken: Italy, France, Germany, Austria. It will bring extraordinary films, film-makers and actors to Saas-Fee. The selection is focused in free, personal, innovative cinematic approaches and strong, moving stories which challenge viewing and thought habits. The feature film programme is presented as a competition. The best film verdict will be delivered by a three-person professional jury. The special programme of the Saas-Fee Filmfest is looking for films of the most different formats and genres, related to the age-old conflict between man, nature as well as surprising with new viewpoints on "sustainability".


Dates This event is already over. As soon as the new dates are published, they will be updated here.

09.04.2019 - 14.04.2019
Destination Saas-Fee/Saastal