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Trail Verbier St-Bernard

In the heart of the Combins massif, the route crosses five valleys and seven villages. There are four alternative routes: The X-Alpine (Verbier-Verbier, 11km and 8’400m D+) ; The X-Traversée ( La Fouly-Verbier,73 km and 4’900m D+); “The Verbier Marathon” (Liddes-Verbier, 43km and 3’500m D+) ; and “Liddes – Verbier” (29 km and 2’500m D+). Furthermore, "The X-Traversée" and the “Verbier Marathon” offer a way through the site of the Pannosière at the bottom of the Grand-Combin.


Date 06.07.2019 - 07.07.2019
Destination Verbier, Liddes/Vichères, La Fouly, Pays du St-Bernard