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Aerial walkway

A brand new aerial walkway opened in Verbier at the start of summer 2018. Each of its three courses offers a different level of difficulty, which means guaranteed laughter and thrills for the whole family. The courses feature a free-fall jump, ziplines and a whole host of different challenges. The green course is the easiest one, is suitable for people of all levels and consists of eight challenges and a zipline. The blue course is of medium difficulty and consists of nine challenges, a zipline and several jumps. The red course is difficult and features eleven challenges and seven ziplines. It offers participants the chance to try a “quick jump” of 9 metres with a ripcord (jump begins with a 3.5-metre free fall).


Three courses with different levels of difficulty

Participants must be aged 7 or over

Opening period : from the start of June until the end of October

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