Quality labels

Quality labels and criteria for Valais destinations

This page lists the quality labels and positioning criteria of Valais tourist destinations, with a brief explanation of the individual points.


‘Family Destination’ Label of the Swiss Tourism Federation

The ‘Family Destination’ stamp of quality is awarded to holiday resorts and destinations that cater specifically to the needs and wishes of children and the adults looking after them. For successful family holidays from A to Z.


Wine Tourism Charter of Valais/Wallis Promotion in collaboration with Swiss Wine Promotion, Agrotourism Switzerland and the industry association of Valais wines

The Wine Tourism Charter comprises a series of requirements that seek to guarantee excellence for the visitor experience in the context of wine and vineyards in Valais. This Charter is open to companies and players who pledge to develop ever further the offers and services they provide to wine and food lovers.

Snow sports


This section lists Valais locations with a winter sports infrastructure and specific snow sports offerings.

Thermal baths


This section lists Valais locations with relevant thermal spa and wellness infrastructures and specific wellness-related offerings.



This section lists Valais locations with a golf course and a golf club as well as specific golf-related offerings.

“The most beautiful villages in Switzerland”

“The most beautiful villages in Switzerland” is an independent association founded in 2015 with the aim of preserving, promoting and coordinating in a tourist circuit the municipalities that, meeting the criteria set out in the quality charter are classified as such.

Car free stops

Some of the destinations in Valais are car-free. These resorts are still easy to get to, and many of them use electric vehicles for public transport.