Wine tasting



The Order of St John opened a hostel in Salgesch in the 13th century, offering protection, food and drink to travellers. No one knows whether the Order chose to settle here in 1235 because of the good wine, but wine lovers are quite happy to believe this explanation. The Johanniterkellerei was founded in 1913 and is the oldest wine cellar in Salgesch. It is now run by Thomas Grichting in its third generation of family ownership. Naturally, his heart beats for red wine – how could it be otherwise in a place that is famous for its fine Pinot Noir? The cellar stocks an assortment of white and red wines plus the newly created Assemblage Blanc and Assemblage Rouge – proof positive of the amazing diversity of Valais wines.


Languages spoken: English, French, German

Opening hours:
Monday to Friday, 8am - noon, 1 - 5pm. Saturday, 10am – noon. Closed on Sundays and public holidays (except on the Open Cellar Days at Ascension)

Kuonen & Grichting AG
Unterdorfstrasse 8
3970 Salgesch
+41 (0)27 455 14 07