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Saint-Bernard Tour

On this hike, you leave civilisation behind at Combe de Drône, climb up to the Chevaux pass, follow a historic path to cross the Saint-Rémy pass into Italy, cross the Malatra pass and enjoy the stunning view of Mont-Blanc, admire the edelweiss, stroll in the Combe de l’A nature reserve watching the chamois and ibex, climb Mont Rogneux at 3,032 metres, the high point of our itinerary, admire the alpine mountains – the Valais and Bernese Alps, the Jura ridge and Mont-Blanc –, pass through Bourg-St-Pierre, walk along the Toules dam, descend through fields of flowers and return to the Grand-St-Bernard hospice.


Difficulty: difficult
Duration of hike: 5-6 days

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