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Drive-in cinemas

Moviegoers will be able to enjoy open-air movies from their cars simply by plugging into a radio channel broadcast for the occasion. Enjoy the cinema in drive-in mode under the stars, a trip back to the American sixties!


Dates This event is already over. As soon as the new dates are published, they will be updated here.

23.07.2020 - 26.07.2020 in Grimentz
29.07.2020 - 31.07.2020 in Verbier
30.07.2020 in Region Dents du Midi
04.08.2020 - 06.08.2020 in Verbier
06.08.2020 in Region Dents du Midi
07.08.2020 - 09.08.2020 in Monthey
12.08.2020 - 13.08.2020 in Monthey
13.08.2020 in Region Dents du Midi
18.08.2020 - 19.08.2020 in Verbier
20.08.2020 in Region Dents du Midi
21.08.2020 - 22.08.2020 in Martigny
Destination Various locations