Alte Suon - Alte Eischler Suon - Habersuon

Bürchen acquired the water rights back in the 15th century, but Zeneggen only obtained them after the drought that followed the earthquake of 1855. The “Old Suone” is fed by the Mühlebach stream at about 1880m. A little further down, at 1700 m, Eischoll has the right to 4/13 of the volume of water from the Mühlebach, according to a court ruling in 1952. The water is conveyed in the Old Eischler Bisse (or Alte Eischler Suon) which is known as the “Habersuon” further to the east.


Starting point: Bürchen (1'585m)
Destination: Eischoll (1'216m)
Restaurants and pubs: Bürchen Chaletzone, Eischoll


Difficulty: medium
Distance: 11,2 km
Vertical metres: +270m, -635m
Hiking time: 3h15