St Bernard dogs


Barry Foundation

The Barry Foundation, formed in January 2005, took over the breeding kennels from the Great St. Bernard Hospice (Holy Order of the Great Saint Bernard Monastery) together with the kennel’s famous Saint Bernard dogs. Since then, the foundation has been the owner of the world’s oldest and most famous St. Bernard breeding centre. The Barry Foundation was named in honour of ‘Barry,’ the legendary avalanche dog. The Barry Foundation currently has 28 female and six male dogs. True to the St. Bernard tradition, the Foundation breeds short-haired dogs. About 20 pedigree puppies are born each year at the breeding centre. A veterinarian, a St. Bernard expert and ten attendants monitor their development and see to their well-being and training. The Foundation holds the Certodog quality seal as an exemplary dog breeding centre. The Barry Foundation provides St. Bernard dogs for the Bernard and Caroline de Watteville Foundation and the Great St. Bernard Hospice.