Ski – First Track

Do you dream of the soft light of dawn, the first warming rays of sun on your face, glistening snow, freshly groomed slopes and uninterrupted downhill runs? All this can be yours with the First Track Experience. Various destinations take you to the ski area early in the morning, where you can experience the day, awakening in peace and quiet and make your first turns before everyone else arrives – the perfect start to a day of skiing.


The adventure begins early in the morning at the Alpin Express valley station and takes you up to Mittelallalin. The precise time varies depending on the season and date. Enjoy the sunrise followed by a spectacular downhill run. Reservations are accepted until 16:00 the evening before and include a breakfast buffet in the Revolving Restaurant Allalin.


Every Monday and Thursday from December to April, Zermatt kicks off the day with an unforgettable First Track experience. Participants meet at the Matterhorn glacier paradise valley station at 7:30. After a guided descent from Trockener Steg to Furi, a gorgeous breakfast with a view of the Matterhorn awaits you in the Matterhorn glacier paradise restaurant. Reserve your place by 13:00 the day before.


Enjoy the magical moment of sunrise from the Plaine Morte glacier (3000m) and its 360° view of the Alpine peaks. You can then enjoy an exclusive breakfast at the Plaine-Morte restaurant and end up being the first to make tracks on the freshly groomed slopes from the Plaine Morte glacier! Finish the experience by continuing to enjoy the ski area for the day.