Dog Sledding

Dog Sledding

ALPES'HUSKIES - Initiation to mushing

This experiment is an educational discovery of the world of mushing, in a privatized form for a couple or a family. This activity is family and fun. Everyone will enjoy it, either as a passenger sitting on the sled, as a pilot, or as a handler or in contact with my adorable dogs at the home line.

Available offers

Husky-hiking "discovery"

Discover sports walking with a harness dog, sensations and laughter guaranteed!
From 80 CHF

Discover a beautiful trail, along a river, in the heart of a pine forest, guided by a real sled dog. Equipped with a shoulder harness, you will be attached to the huskies who will support you in your effort. If you are a good walker, this will give you even more time to enjoy the dogs.

Included services :

  • Get to know dogs and equipment (harness, line)

  • Walk in the heart of the Vallon with a dog (about 45 minutes)

  • Pet dogs and take pictures with them

  • Exchanging with the musher

The one-way route is a well-maintained trail and the one-way route is a forest road. Relatively flat (100m height difference), it is easy to access and accessible, even for children. The activity is practiced all year round and in all weather. Sensations and laughs guaranteed!

Practical information :

  • Sports and leisure activities

  • About 60 minutes, including 45 minutes walk

  • Material to bring: non slippery shoes, crampons for snow, headlamp if night activity, water bottle

  • Children from 10 years on (discounted price up to 14 years)

Dog sledding experience

Experience a timeless ride through a beautiful landscape, pulled by the power of racing huskies!
From 250 CHF

Get to know the dogs, sit on the sleigh for a lap around the track, help team the dogs and start/finish (handler work), pet the dogs and take pictures with them, exchange with the musher.

Included services :

  • Meeting with the dogs

  • Sleigh ride ~3km (1 adult at a time)

  • Participate in the team-up of dogsPet and take pictures with dogs

Practical info :

  • CHF 250. - Package for 2 people (or 2 adults + 2 children) for 30 minutes

  • CHF 30. - per additional child

  • Children from 2 to 12 years

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