Grand Bisse d'Ayent

The Grand Bisse d'Ayent brings water to the meadows and vineyards of Ayent and Grimisuat, either in the traditional manner or by more modern techniques, and it flows into the Revouire Pond. Examples of old building methods have been restored along its course, including corbelled structures in the Lienne valley, girders of the special type known as “boutsets” at Torrent-Croix, and the Follés walkway, built into a ledge at a breathtaking height.


Starting point: Barrage de Tseuzier (1'779 m)
Destination: Mayens d'Arbaz (1'319 m)
Restaurants and pubs: Barrage de Tseuzier, Anzère, Mayens d'Arbaz


Difficulty: medium
Distance: 11,7 km
Vertical metres: +150m, -610m
Hiking time: 3h15