Wine tasting

Wine tasting

Bonvin 1858 Les Domaines

“Beyond time, close to people.” Swiss Winery of the Year 2014, Bonvin 1858 is the oldest wine establishment in Valais. It owns vineyards on the best slopes in Sion: south-facing terraces and dry soils are reflected in the remarkable mineral content of the wines. The exceptional location of the estates coupled with the quality of its workers in both the vineyards and the wine-cellars helps to explain the success of these prestigious wines.


Languages spoken: English, French, German

Special features:
Tasting tours and eating establishments in the Mazots du Clos du Château vineyard and at the Guérite Brûlefer lodge

Opening hours:
Monday 2-6:30pm. Tuesday to Friday 10am-noon, 2-6:30pm. Saturday 10am-noon, 2-5pm, or call to make a reservation

Cave Charles Bonvin SA
Route d'Italie 9
1950 Sion
+41 27 203 56 81