Wine experiences

Wine experiences

Walk in the Mont d’Or vineyard

Founded in 1848, Mont d’Or is the oldest wine-growing estate in Valais. Situated in a landscape that is recognised for its national importance, the multitude of terraces, supported by the dry stone walls so typical of this part of the country, and the legendary “Escalier Le Calvaire” steps are just two of the defining features that make the estate so special. The accompanied walk through this extraordinary vineyard will take you along the Montorge bisse. Enjoy the warming feel of the sun and the wonder of being surrounded by nature as you pass through the extensively planted vines. You’ll sample your first wine in front of one of the small vineyard huts that stand by the edge of the irrigation channel. Thanks to their extravagant yellow colour, these typical huts are easy to spot throughout the estate. You’ll then climb back down the steps to visit the historic 19th-century wine cellar, where you’ll enjoy a tasting of five exclusive wines in the welcome area.



Domaine du Mont d’Or SA
Rue de Savoie 64
1951 Sion


Services: accompanied walk, visit to the old wine cellar, wine tasting. Local products platter on request
Duration: From 2 hours
Price per person in CHF: 35.-
Languages spoken: English, French, German
Available: All year round, seven days a week. Reservation required
Number of people: From 6 people

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