Visit the chestnut groves of Valais

Visit the chestnut groves of Valais

Educational trail in the chestnut forest

The educational trail in the Fully chestnut forest is unique in Valais and is open in all seasons. It was created in 1997 an renovated in 2015, when it was inaugurated at the 21th chestnut festival. The trail includes 14 display boards with interesting information about the sweet chestnut and the chestnut forest. The trail, which is 1.26 km long, is especially suitable for families. At the Fully tourist information you can get a quiz for children about the topic of chestnuts.


Duration of tour: 1 hour
Starting and ending point: Belle Usine parking

Tourism Office
Rue de l’Eglise 54
1926 Fully

Phone: +41 27 746 20 80

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