Corpus Christi

Major religious festivals are celebrated every year in many Valaisan villages, such as Corpus Christi, which falls on the second Thursday after Pentecost and on the following Sunday, «Sägisunntag» (Benediction Sunday), when the adoration of the Eucharist is celebrated. On Corpus Christi Day, that high church holiday held to honour Christ, there are processions everywhere, marching over hill and dale, in the valley and up high in the mountains. Wearing the clothes of the old Swiss mercenaries or the uniforms of the old Valaisan regiments, the Grenadiers of God accompany the parish priest and the entire village to the sound of traditional processional marches in places such as Visperterminen, Bürchen, Törbel, Mund, St. Niklaus, Lötschental, St-Martin and Savièse.


Location: different places in valais

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