Rye pearls

Sweet and crispy natural goodness

Gold medallist at the Swiss Competition of Local Food Products 2015 and at the Swiss Bakery Trophy 2012, rye pearls were developed by the confectioner “Zenhäusern frères SA” in collaboration with the flour mill “Moulins de Sion”.

Made with puffed grains of Valais rye coated with the finest milk chocolate, rye pearls are light and crispy with a melt-in-the-mouth finish: an exquisite combination that embodies the values of the Valais brand perfectly.

The delicacy offers a delicious and original blend of ingredients that has given a new boost to a traditional regional product: rye. To be enjoyed at any time of day!

New look

In 2018, new packaging was created for rye pearls in partnership with the Valais brand. The product is now younger, cheaper and more seductive: a recipe for winning new customers.

Easy to carry in the pocket, rye pearls make an ideal snack – perfect for festivals, for example, or when out and about.

Valais brand

Sign of recognition and quality

The Valais brand is a sign of recognition of origin and quality for emblematic products from Valais. In purchasing a product of the Valais brand, consumers buy a product of quality from a company with a commitment to environmental, social and ethical standards.