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According to legend, Léon was the name of the Valais wine-grower who invented Raclette cheese. On a cold day, he warmed up a piece of cheese over an open log fire, rather than eating it raw, and this quintessential Valais delicacy was born.
The presence of cheese in Valais has been documented since the 4th century BC. Alpine cheese was famous during the Roman period. Later on, it was often used as a means of payment, in lieu of wages to workers or as an export product. Cheese melting has been known in Valais as far back as the year 1574. The term ‘Raclette‘ comes from the local French dialect (racler = to scrape), and it became the official name for this cheese in 1874.
To this day, Valais cheese makers follow a recipe which has been passed down for generations, taking raw milk and making into the best and most authentic product which Valais has to offer: Raclette du Valais AOP.

Recipes with Raclette du Valais AOP