Enjoy Valais apricots

Enjoy Valais apricots prepared in fresh, ingenious ways

Straight from the sun-drenched orchards of the Valais, these restaurants turn the typical Valais fruit into fresh, ingenious combinations and variations. With its lovely orangey-red colour, velvety skin and mildly tart yet sweet taste, apricots are an indulgent summery experience in salads, preserves, sauces or as a creamy foam dessert. Prepare to succumb to these mouth-watering dishes.

Summer salad or chutney

At the Bodmenstübli Restaurant in Leukerbad, apricot-rocket salad on pomegranate-honey dressing accompanies alpine pork in smoked ham with goat’s cheese au gratin. Not enough apricot for your taste? How about the house apricot chutney with alpine cheese and their aniseed-nut-rye bread?

Preserved and ready for ragout or ice cream

Freshly harvested straight from the tree, the apricots are preserved hot, just like grandma used to do it, at Restaurant Schmitta in Raron. The preserved apricots are used in their veal ragout à la minute with apricot cream sauce, or as a warm apricot dessert soup with vanilla ice cream and whipped cream.

Foamy dessert cream

At the Restaurant Croix d’Or et Poste in Münster, the Valais apricots put in a star appearance for dessert as a foamy cream. Light and airy in texture and velvety sweet in taste, this dream dessert rounds off every menu perfectly.

Apricot and cheese salad

That apricots go perfectly with cheese is a well-known fact. An unusual combination is the salad with Valais apricots and ripe Valais cheese on an apricot-rosemary vinaigrette, which is offered on the menu at Café Restaurant de la Gare in St-Maurice.

Cordon Bleu Valaisan

At the Hôtel Restaurant L’Escale in Le Châble you can enjoy a Valais-style cordon bleu: the pork cutlet is filled with IGP Valais ham, cheese from Val de Bagnes and dried apricots. Combined with these local products, the Cordon Bleu Valaisan certainly makes it into the schnitzel premier league.

Restaurant l'Escale, le Châble, Valais, Wallis

Apricot-cream slices (mille-feuilles)

At Relais de la Sarvaz in Saillon, make sure you leave plenty of room for dessert, since here you can enjoy the apricots in a gorgeous cream between the fine puff-pastry layers of the mille-feuilles accompanying the sorbet.

Relais de la Sarvaz, Saillon, Valais, Wallis